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CO2 Neutral and Friendly


EcoLogical. For our Environment.

Don’t only have our company profit from you using our technology but also mother earth. Our servers run with 100% electricity from reclaimable energy sources like solar and wind sourced power.By doing that, we significantly contribute to the saving of our planet. In 2006 a new coal-fired power plant went on line every second day. In 2007 it was only every third day.

The consequences? Increased pollution kills half a million Chinese people every year. It will only take a few decades, until China’s coal deposits are depleted. And what will happen than? The most populated country in the world will have no choice, but to use an energy source, that we go on vacation for, that raises our mood and that will still exist a million years into the future: the Sun. The solar power, that reaches our planet every single day, exceeds the whole populations need in energy by the factor 10,000.

Solar sourced energy additionally is not only undepletable, but also cheap since sunbeams don’t need to be purchased – they are always available. Electricity from reclaimable energy sources is what will keep the world running in the near future. Right now, reclaimable energy sources cover 15% of the German need for electricity – and counting. Contribute to the world of tomorrow today by using our 100% eco-electricity driven technology.

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