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CO2 Neutral and Friendly


In the Data center owned by the Company “Accelerated” based in Frankfurt/Main conducts Misterhost any serversystems. We grant you on this page an insight into the data center equipment

Connection (AS31400)

  • Tiscali International: 2 GBit/s
  • Deutsche Telekom - DTAG: 10 GBit/s
  • DECiX: 2 * 10 GBit/s
  • Trusted-Network: 10 GBit/s (AMS-IX / INXS / V-IX prefixes)


  • Biometric access-system with fingerprintreader
  • Logging of all incoming and outgoing
  • Classification of areas in 3 access-protected category groups
  • Separate and secure rooms for batteries, UPS and Power Supply
  • Delivery by rolling shutter with ramp area
  • Access exclusively by sluices have 2 separate access control terminals
  • Surveillance and recording systems with IR-Cameras
  • 24x7 staff on site

Climate Control

Equally as important as a secured power supply is a constant air-conditioning systems. By using most advanced air conditioning systems, it is possible to cool also energy intensive systems (eg Blade Center) permanently. Spite of the high demands of performance and redundancy of the air conditioning systems of the environment aspect has not been neglected.
  • Redundant air concept with a mix of direct and indirect free cooling

  • Cold water supply with energy-saving units by Emerson Networks

  • Very high efficiencies by generously dimensioned buffer storage
  • Air circulated by enormously efficient equipment of the latest generation by Weiss Klimatechnik

  • Primary cooling by suction and filtration by external air
  • Blending of the fresh air with indoor air for a constant temperature level
  • 90% of the annual hours will not require any mechanical refrigeration because only external air is filtered and mixed

  • 9% of the annual hours will only require a small amount of mechanical refrigeration, using the cooler outside air is cooled to a level which can be operated with the data center

  • 1% of the annual hours is required in conventional data centers require mechanical cooling, because the external air is warmer than the air inside

  • Enclosure of the cold aisles with sliding doors and roofs to avoid mixing effects: The cold air is targeted and used in the exact amount needed. There will be no loss, as only the servers are air-conditioned.

Power / emergency power / UPS

  • Exclusive usage of green power
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supply concept with up to 2x1000kVA performance

  • Green Power UPS systems by the manufacturer Socomec with an efficiency of 96%

  • Transport of energy via low loss power rails with 40% higher efficiency

  • Dimensioning of all components for significantly higher payments to avoid energetic inefficient heat development

  • Two separate power feeds by two sub-distributions per ra
  • 10kW current draw per rack and more possible
  • Calibrated electricity meter on each fuse
  • Direct neighbor of the transformer station
  • 3-stage surge protection: Coarse protection in the main distribution, medium / fine protection

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